Are you a Mum that struggles with

If so, I get YOU....Because that was ME for so many years too....


  • I spent countless days sitting at my desk worried about how I left my children to work a job;


  • How I felt GUILTY spending money on ME when I should be spending money on my children;


  •  What will other Mums or people think of me if I did?


  •  What if I started a business ?








IMG_8614 2.jpg

Is this YOU too?


Well, the great news is that you are NOT alone when experiencing these feelings.  Unfortunately, there are thousands and thousands of Ladies out there today feeling trapped and afraid to pursue their dreams because they are  Mothers.

  This was me for many years and my 'Why' in creating AmbitiousMums.

I created AmbitiousMums because I wanted to be that voice, that encouragement,  that someone to say go out there and build your dreams. Do what feels incredible right for YOU because you can still be a beautiful Mother at the same time.


You are capable of having both in YOUR LIFE.


7 Tips to Getting Over Working Mum-Guilt

1. You’re an Awesome Mum

It doesn’t matter if you’re working or a stay at home mum – you’re AWESOME! Just because you may head out to work does not mean you are doing a worse job as a mother when comparing yourself to a stay at mum. Remember whatever you do, your child will still love you.

2. Trade Offs Are Inevitable

At some point there will have to be a trade off with either your child or your work. There will be times you won’t be able to make it to an event because you will be busy at work – it’s not easy or practical to walk away from a deadline or a meeting for each school event


It’s just how it is. It’s not ideal but it’s easier to accept it for what it is rather than worry yourself to death about it. The times you do make it to one of your children’s events will be extra special for you and them as you’ll both know and understand the trade-off you’ve had to make to be there.

3. You ‘re Doing A Great Job

Yes REALLY! I know everything probably isn’t always perfect and you don’t get as much housework done as you’d like. In years to come your little one won’t moan at you for having an ironing pile however, they will remember you doing the best you could for them. If there’s one thing children need more than anything it’s to be loved. By being a working mum this does not mean you don’t love them any less than a SAHM - so give yourself a break!

4. Good Enough Is Perfect Enough

As a working mum you can’t be at every school event, or have the cleanliest house on the street or always manage to cook a freshly prepared meal. Does this really matter? Not at all. Why? Because nobody is perfect it’s impossible.

If you manage to attend a few school events, occasionally show the house the duster or get that occasional take away meal – well done! I think you’re doing pretty amazing to pull all that off and a provide for your family.

5. Your Choice for Your Family is Right

Never doubt yourself – you made the right decision that’s best for you and your family by being a working mum. Every family’s situation is different and no-one has the right to judge you. You’re doing the best you can for your family’s needs.

6. Mums are entitled to Ambitions

Yes! you heard me right. Although it took me several years to work this out, you my friend don’t need to wait to fulfil a dream or pursue a goal. The stereo-type ways of waiting until the children are off your hands are gone. With combined responsibilities whilst running the household and commitment between you and your partner you can ensure you are the most amazing caretaker to your family. No one needs to give you permission – you’ve got this!

7.  Let Go of the Mum-Guilt

As Mums, we typically hold ourselves to this unattainable standard to do it all. It's time to let it go of the belief that we can do it all.

Let go of the guilt for not spending 24/7 with your children.

Let go of the guilt over not hiring a babysitter or a nanny.

Let go of the guilt for not accomplishing as much as you think you should.

You are ENOUGH just as you ARE.