Where you belong


‘Where you Belong’ is about always knowing you have a place to belong to no matter the circumstances.


It’s about finding your purpose, strength, independence and sharing this with a beautiful tribe of women. It's about being healthy physically, emotionally and financially. It's about wanting to find

resources and support and finding it among a tribe!


If your phase of womanhood leaves you wanting more in terms of community, support and tools for success then

‘Where you Belong' is the place for you!


What You Get When

You Join Our Tribe




  • Beautiful daily reminders that you are important and worthy of greatness.

  • Mindfulness and lifestyle encouragement.

  • The best, most supportive community and tribe you’ve ever been a part of.

  • Access to 1:1 development coaching with Natasha to help aid you in each of the three pillars:  Being Strong Physically, Strong Emotionally and Strong Financially.

  • Encouragement and ways to tackle that ever-demanding family.

  • Support on how to feel your best from the inside out.

  • Tips to move your body to improve your energy.

  • The dreaded Mum-guilt and ways to combat it. 

  • Fun recipes that the whole family will enjoy.

  • Group collaborations.

  • Mum hacks.

  • Prizes....And more!




150 People love it!!

Being apart of 'Where you Belong' has honestly changed my life. I know that sounds crazy but it has!!!! Being a single mother of a toddler and the days I feel isolated, tired, frustrated knowing I have a place I can share my struggles with has truly been a blessing. Natasha is such a beautiful soul and the support, time and compassion she brings to this group are worth way more than any cost.


OMG seriously Natasha why didn't you create this group 5 years ago...I struggled for so many years with a husband working fifo, mum guilt and trying to run a family.  So to be apart of 'Where you Belong' now with the support you offer and the beautiful ladies that I get to chat with online and share my daily challenges with has been soooooo incredible.  What Natasha has poured into this group is beyond beautiful and I can't recommend enough being a part of 'Where you Being' to every female.

- Teresa-

I'm a very private person and when I thought about joining 'Where you Belong' I hesitated, but I can honestly say it was the best move I ever made.  And seriously the price?  Natasha needs to charge way more for the value she brings to this tribe.

- Megan- 

A friend referred me to join this group and I am beyond grateful for the support, the daily messages and the fact that I have a place I always feel welcome to go to, even on the bad days.  Natasha is one of the most gentle and kind souls around and what she offers is truly priceless.  I had never really been apart of a group before and having joined this group I have definitely realised I was missing a sense of a community in my life.  Thank you Natasha for allowing me to be apart of your village.


Why I can help you!

  • I’ve been told I couldn’t run a business plus, work full-time and run a family;


  • That I couldn’t have it all;


  • That once the children were grown up I was told that’s when I can have my life back;


  • That I didn’t achieve a University degree, therefore, I couldn’t obtain a professional career;


  • I’ve gained 20kgs with my second pregnancy and the largest I have ever been. I learned how to lose weight during the HARDEST time of my life and managed to keep it off for the past 14 years.  I created a lifestyle program that works. 


  • I’ve yelled at my kids and felt bad;


  • I’m not a stranger to failure, but I know how to combat fear and overcome failure


  • I’ve seen magazine covers and experienced not feeling good enough in my skin;


  • I’ve experienced financial hardships;


  • But I’ve earned over a 6 figure income without that degree;


  • I love being a woman and a mother, but I’ve felt so tired, frustrated, exhausted from the weight of being the primary breadwinner and then I’ve felt so incredibly guilty for even feeling this way;

I see you. And I believe in you.

But I did it,

and so can YOU.

Extra Things

We Offer


Lifestyle Coaching
Access your coaching from anywhere at any time, whether it's from your phone, tablet, or computer!

Personalized Group Coaching
Coaching calls with Natasha to cover every aspect of our journey together, and ask any questions you need answering!


Now I’m here for you and we are here for you.


A community of women is the strongest, most powerful resource possible. Women that see you through every phase of womanhood. Women that have been where you have been. They’ve seen their mothers, girlfriends, and grandmothers STRUGGLE. We are in an era where we can be vulnerable and transparent, and because of that, we can be better.

You aren’t a tree if you don’t love where you are emotionally, physically, or financially… move!

This is a big world, there is room for you, and we have room for you here



‘Where you Belong’

was created.



After the birth of our very first child and living in the States away from family and friends I found being a new mother very challenging.  I didn’t really have a support network nor a family member to call on for help.  Ringing my mother back in Australia was honestly my only option and being a new Mum with hourly questions – let’s just say I found myself spiraling into postpartum depression.  I felt alone and emotionally exhausted.


What I was missing is exactly what I have now created, some 16 years down the track.  A place, women can visit that was not dependent on time or a destination.  A place that didn’t require physical contact and the stress of leaving the house but have the same beautiful interaction with other ladies.  A place that had a wealth of information, a point of contact to ask questions, learn from others and feel a sense of belonging. Knowing that no question is a dumb question and embracing the womanhood we all yearn for at some point in our lives.


A place where everyone always belongs….. 


Being a part of a tribe is truly one of the greatest gifts in this world and I am proud to now bring together so many beautiful ladies from around the globe embracing womanhood.


Together we are better.

Our Mission

Our goal is to create a safe and inspirational place to help women who are struggling with motherhood, health, fitness, careers, self-confidence and of course self-care.


There are many phases of womanhood. Whether you are pregnant, postpartum, pre-baby,

post-young children, living child-free or going through menopause we strive to help women no matter which phase they are in.  Where you Belong is a powerful tribe and our goal is to bring as many women into our tribe as possible.


The private forum will help women daily with incredible inspiration, resources and a supportive community to grow in health, physically, emotionally and financially.  The support of this tribe will allow women to dive deep into

self-development through every phase we offer and to lean into a community of women with likeminded goals and struggles.


Being a part of Where you Belong will remind you that we are all imperfect from time to time and that there are different variations of normal.  We remind each other that giving ourselves “grace” through the harder times in life with the support of a tribe is truly a gift.  Having that tribe to lean on and to give you endless support.


So what happens after I sign up?


You will be sent an email confirming your sign up.  From there you will receive your exclusive invitation to join our Private Facebook Group. 

There is where all the magic happens. You will automatically be charged $19, which will recur each month until you cancel.

I'm sure you won't because it's amazing. 


Is there a guarantee?


We guarantee to HEAR you. If you have a complaint you can email (best way for us to help you quickly), or you can post in the group to get clarification and help (although we do prefer email).


We are here for you, and we want to help you.


What’s next?


Within 12 hours from enrolling, you will receive a private link to a Facebook Group.  Once your enrollment has been approved you’ll have access to everything that is available. 

Your journey of always belonging begins my beautiful friend