What I learned in my first 7-day Challenge!

For the last 7 days, when I got ready to do a live video for my 7-Day Challenge, I almost never had perfect hair, I usually had my pj shorts on under a shirt, a quick wipe of make up and basically just me. I spent hours preparing for what I was going to teach the following day, and at the end of it I wasn’t interested in taking extra time for hair and makeup.

Sometimes I literally did my teach via live video from a garden table out the back of our house or on my front porch. But, the great thing about my 7-Day Challenge is that it’s all about being real and giving ourselves grace while reaching our goals. Not only did I spend 7 days teaching a group of women about keeping promises to themselves, reaching goals, and personal growth, I was also reminded about the strength of a supportive community that will give you grace when you need it the most.