What I learned in my first 7-day Challenge!

For the last 7 days, when I got ready to do a live video for my 7-Day Challenge, I almost never had perfect hair, I usually had my pj shorts on under a shirt, a quick wipe of make up and basically just me. I spent hours preparing for what I was going to teach the following day, and at the end of it I wasn’t interested in taking extra time for hair and makeup.

Sometimes I literally did my teach via live video from a garden table out the back of our house or on my front porch. But, the great thing about my 7-Day Challenge is that it’s all about being real and giving ourselves grace while reaching our goals. Not only did I spend 7 days teaching a group of women about keeping promises to themselves, reaching goals, and personal growth, I was also reminded about the strength of a supportive community that will give you grace when you need it the most. 

Taking my own advice

In my 7-Day Challenge, each day involve a lesson and a call to action. Each lesson is designed to help you reach your goals, work on your mindset, and follow through with the promises you make to yourself. During the last few days of the challenge, I’ve been reminded time and time again to keep my own advice in my mind when I’m working on my own self improvement. These daily reminders have helped to keep me grounded, it’s helped to make my business successful, and it’s helped in terms of my mental health. 

I think we can all keep this advice in mind in our everyday lives. When you’re struggling, think about the advice you’d give to a dear friend in the same position. What would you say to them? You wouldn’t be hard on them like we tend to be on ourselves, you’d be supportive. You’d offer to help. You’d give them some kind words. You’d encourage them to give themselves some grace. This is a lesson I am reminded of time and time again while doing these challenges. 

A Supportive community makes all the difference

The community aspect of my 7-Day Challenge is by far my favorite part of the entire program. Each day, our Facebook page is flooded with positivity and encouragement. We celebrate our wins, we share our challenges, and we cheer each other on. Whether it’s me who is having difficulties, or another person in the group, they are given advice and kind words to help. Having the challenge community is a major aspect in the program, and has really taught me a lot in terms of surrounding yourself with like-minded, positive people who are also focused on bettering themselves. 

I’m lucky that I have a lot of supportive people in my real life, but for some, the challenge community is their only source of community support. And, though I have others I can lean on, I always look forward to the feeling I get within the challenge Facebook page. I can’t wait to see everyone’s wins, I can’t wait to feed off of everyone’s positive energy, and I love watching the growth that happens for all of us in just 7 days. 

With each challenge, I learn a little bit more about what I’m teaching, but I also learn a little bit more about myself. I take the challenge as a time for my own personal growth as well, so that we are all headed in the same direction. Thank you so much to those who were a part of my New Year New You 7-day online Challenge!

You’ve all taught me so much, and I can’t wait for the next one!

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P.P.S If you are looking for a supportive community NOW, sign up for our 'Where you Belong' It’s an online private group to help with nutrition, motivation, encouragement, mental health, and building a strong community. In fact, many from the challenge end up utilizing Where you Belong as their next step. Sign up HERE

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