Top 10 Time Saving Tips for Mumpreneurs

Updated: Jun 17

Being a working mum and running your own business means things can get out of hand… fast! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has faced a mountain of laundry, last minute dash to the store for a party gift, looming deadlines, and then wondered how on earth it could all be accomplished. After juggling these situations time and time again, I decided things needed to change so I came up with a few simple ways to make my life more manageable.

1. Make time for your EXERCISE

If you don’t take care of your physical and mental health, everything dissolves and you achieve very little. For me EXERCISE is key and I religiously make sure to schedule my workout every morning. Even if that means getting up an hour before the kids. I know if I don’t workout and take the time to enjoy my morning coffee my energy level and my mental state suffers throughout the day. We all need to do something each day for ourselves whether it is big or small. It clears your mind and in the long run helps you to be more productive.

2. Get the important things done early

I typically pick the top two to three tasks that need to be accomplished and get them done first. I will write the tasks down first thing in the morning in my diary to avoid procrastinating or even getting caught up in the morning chaos before school. Reward yourself for achieving these tasks earlier on in your day. Relish in the feeling of accomplishment and treat yourself to a hot cappuccino for making that progress.

3. Focus on what truly matters

Can that pile of washing wait until later? Does that bed really need to get made right now? Yes, it can frustrate me immensely seeing it not done but it’s not going to pay my bills either. I have had to walk away from the rooms in the house that look like a tornado has hit then and remind myself that scheduling the time to work my business is far more of a priority. When I need to take a break that’s when the housework gets its turn.

4. Eat Well

This may seem like a cliche but it is SO important. If you eat a diet of highly processed foods that have little nutritional benefit, you are doing your body an injustice. Eating clean, healthy, wholesome foods allows your body to function at it’s absolute BEST and in turn this will make you mentally happier. Being a Mum we juggle so many different hats all day everyday so it’s really important to ensure we are looking after OUR bodies and of course our families. Eat regularly and if its green its clean!

5. Set your day/week up for success

Whether you use an electronic calendar or a paper diary, writing down, scheduling, and sticking to your plans is so important. The secret to success is allowing enough time for your appointments, phone calls, social media work, orders, customer care etc. There is nothing worse than chasing your tail throughout the day because you did not allocate enough time to prioritise your business.

6. Create a routine

Can I hear you say ‘how do you do that?’ Well, this is what I do each morning when I am not working away: I wake up at 5:15am, head to my morning workout class; pick up my coffee, home for my smoothie, prep the kids for school, I always throw a load of washing into the washing machine and tidy the house. Then when I return from the school drop off the house chores are done and I can walk into my office. It creates flow in my day, I can think more clearly, be more productive, and help more people.

7. Multitasking is great but it also can be a hindrance

I think all Mums multi-task it’s just in our nature, but sometimes we have the tendency to stop/start so many projects that ultimately nothing gets achieved. So, after school it’s all about the kids, homework and chatting about their day. Dinner, family time and kissing them goodnight. I find trying to work a business in the “witching” hours just leads to absolute chaos. You end up neglecting your children’s needs and your business. Once the kids are in bed then that’s the time you can dedicate to your work.

8. Get your kids to help out

My kids are 15 and 13 so they are more than capable in helping out around the house. It teaches them responsibility and a great work ethic for years to come. Although at times I hear their struggles and fights I do believe it’s important. As simple as taking the washing off the line, putting the bins out and feeding the dog. It’s definitely not rocket science!! But it all helps and a small ask of our children!

9. Your business is Important

I hear often from other Female Entrepreneurs that between husbands and family members your business can wait. I understand our families are our priority, but being a business owner also comes with deadlines. Remember it is a business. There will be those times when a business call will need to be taken or you won’t be able to attend that family event. Partners need to understand even if you are not technically working in the stereo-type “office environment” it is still crucial to treat your business as a business. Make sure you set the boundaries prior to avoid any unnecessary conversations!!!! and ensure all your family members are aware of your schedule.

10. Learn to say NO

We get numerous requests throughout our day and all of them are demands on our precious time. If those requests aren’t in line with your priorities, then you are usually biting off more than you can chew. So learn to say “no” when needed. Yes, it can feel uncomfortable because we don’t like to let people down and we can feel guilty. But you shouldn’t! Your family is a priority but sometimes that means making time for your business too. All mums these days are under pressure, so they’ll understand.

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