Personal Growth is the greatest Gift you can give Yourself

I love to learn new things, improve on my existing skills, and take an inventory of my personal growth all the time! Actually I think I am obsessed with personal Growth!!!

I absolutely love the idea of personal growth so much that many of my own mentors exist in that space, and it’s a place that my business has evolved into. When I found myself entering the entrepreneur space, my passion was never about fame or having the perfect life or money, my passion was about making myself and others feel better. For a long time, my focus was on that aspect of my growth, but it was always deeper than that. It was about self-confidence, loving myself in every phase, and doing things to make myself happier and healthier. 

I still love focusing on growth in terms of my health and fitness, but I also like the idea of personal growth in terms of parenting, business, mental health, finances, friendships, and relationships. It’s something I focus on a lot when creating many of my programs, because everyone’s goals for personal growth are different. No matter what you’re trying to improve on, personal growth is such a valuable gift to give yourself! 

What do you want to improve on?

Everyone has an aspect of life that is a little louder than the others. Maybe it’s eating better, exercising more, getting finances in order, reading more, spending more time with family, or finding time for yourself again. Maybe you want to learn more about gardening, you want to take a leap to start your own business, or you’re looking to start a new career. Allowing time for personal growth can sometimes be about narrowing down the things you want to improve on at the moment, and then finding the resources to help you improve. No goal is too small, and each type of growth is great for self-care. 

For me I absolutely LOVE attending personal development events. Recently my husband and I had the privilege of attending the Tony Robbins - Unleash Your Power event virtually which was incredible. Being able to emerge ourselves for 3 whole days (no kids!!!) and totally tune our minds and bodies into learning from an incredible icon. Every event brings new life into my body. Maybe I have heard similar leanings before, but ultimately it does not matter because each time it reenforces to me how much I needed to hear those exact same words to make a positive change in my life. If I learnt just one new habit or changed just one negative belief for the better then that event has been transformational to me plus the high afterwards is worth every cent!!!!!

You can not fill from an empty cup

It may sound cliche, but it’s true. Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish, because you need to have a full cup to help fill your kids’ cup, your family’s cup, your company’s cup, etc. I say it all the time, but there’s only one person who can give your kids’ Mum a full and happy life, and that person is YOU. Taking time for personal growth is one way to help fill your cup, and it’s a gift that spreads to everyone and everything else in your life. When you’re beginning to feel depleted, depressed, overwhelmed, or stretched too thin, personal growth can help to revitalize you. And you deserve it. When we start to spend time on ourselves, we often begin to feel guilty, but it’s important to push those feelings away, and to realize you’re just filling your cup. 

Treat yourself where it counts

Sometimes when we say “treat yourself” we think about buying ourselves something nice, eating food we don’t eat often, or having an extra drink that we don’t always get. Those are all great treats! I’ve always said, there are no bad foods, just foods we eat less of. However, you should also focus on treating yourself in ways that really count. Ways that last longer, and fill your cup fuller.

This can mean taking a cooking class, doing a business workshop, hiring a personal trainer, taking a vacation, or using a cleaning service. These treats offer skills, memories, and extra time as opposed to a temporary treat like getting dessert or buying a new shirt. These gifts last a lot longer, and offer more personal growth as a result!

It took me a long time to allow myself time for personal growth. I thought I was being selfish, that any time away from my kids was wasted time, and that others would judge me for it. In all reality, I learned that time for personal growth was such an important gift. My hope is that more women feel okay to fill their cup as well.

We deserve it.

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