Personal Growth is the greatest Gift you can give Yourself

I love to learn new things, improve on my existing skills, and take an inventory of my personal growth all the time! Actually I think I am obsessed with personal Growth!!!

I absolutely love the idea of personal growth so much that many of my own mentors exist in that space, and it’s a place that my business has evolved into. When I found myself entering the entrepreneur space, my passion was never about fame or having the perfect life or money, my passion was about making myself and others feel better. For a long time, my focus was on that aspect of my growth, but it was always deeper than that. It was about self-confidence, loving myself in every phase, and doing things to make myself happier and healthier. 

I still love focusing on growth in terms of my health and fitness, but I also like the idea of personal growth in terms of parenting, business, mental health, finances, friendships, and relationships. It’s something I focus on a lot when creating many of my programs, because everyone’s goals for personal growth are different. No matter what you’re trying to improve on, personal growth is such a valuable gift to give yourself!