My #1 Mindset Secret to Help you Stay Motivated

So, I maybe a little different to others in the fact that I love pinning post it notes on my walls. Actually, my home is filled with these notes. Some big, some small, some in my bathroom, a heap in my office… you get the idea. Post-It should sponsor me at this point…but it truly helps me to staying motivated.

But there’s a method to my madness. Stay with me….

I have found over the years that it is not enough to keep your hopes, dreams, goals, and affirmations in your head. You need to write them out. And for me, that works best on my walls scribbled on a Post-It note. This brings me to my #1 mindset secret to help you stay motivated!

Find Your Affirmations

What is something you’ve heard that you felt genuinely connected to? Something that clicked for you, that made you feel inspired, or that you felt hit your pain points? It can be a quote, a song lyric, a bible verse, an affirmation, or a piece of advice. The first step with this secret is to find this affirmation. I have a ton of them!

It actually first started when I was a teenager and I found Lousie Hay from the Hay House. Her books, her quotes inspired me as a young lady and this has continued into my adulthood.

Here are some affirmations I love that I share often:

Believe in Yourself

Done is better than perfect

You are enough

Just because I failed doesn’t mean I’m a failure

Action creates momentum, even imperfect action

We do hard things

Vulnerability is strength

Be Brave

Believe in Yourself

Write it Down

Once you’ve found your affirmation, or affirmations, write them down. This may sound obvious, but it’s not. There’s a psychology to writing things down and the power it can have over your mindset. Few people write out their goals, so I know the number is even lower for affirmations. But the people who do write out their goals are more likely to achieve them. This is the power of writing things down.

Here are some ideas of where to write down your affirmations:

In a journal

On a wall with a post it note!!!

Grab a whiteboard pen and write on your bathroom mirror

In your diary

Keep a notepad in the kitchen

Look at it Everyday

You’ve found your affirmation, you’ve written it down, now, look at it EVERY DAY. Yes, every day. Read it, say it out loud, tap it when you walk by it, wait for others to think you’re weird and ask you about it so you can explain it to them! If you want to stay motivated, no matter what your goals are, you need to keep your mindset in a positive and motivational space.

If you’re trying to be consistent about working out, and you have an affirmation on your wall that says, “It’s time to move your body, get those shoes on!” Then I bet you’d be more likely to stick to it. If you’re trying to speak kinder to yourself and you have an affirmation on your mirror that says, “You are amazing and worthy of so much lobe,” I bet you remember to stop the negative thoughts more often. If you’re trying to start a business and you have a Post-It on your computer that says, “You are capable of building that dream,” I bet it helps you to remember why you started your business especially when you start to feel discouraged.

That’s it!

My #1 mindset secret to help you stay motivated: Find your affirmation, write it down, look at it every day!

It sounds easy, it sounds obvious, it sounds like it won’t do much.

But trust me, it’s the little sprinkles of encouragement that help you stay motivated when things are hard. It’s things like this that keep your goals in the front of your mind.

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