It's ok to be feeling a million emotions

Honestly, the amount of emotions I have been experiencing each day since this virus broke out has been completely overwhelming. Initially I felt scared, stressed, worried and then frustrated. Each day brought a new emotion and a different consequence to the way I was feeling towards myself and my family.

In the first few weeks I must admit I was slightly paranoid. Worrying about whether the person in the cubicle next to me at work might have the virus, or the person getting in and out of the lift might of touched something I touched, then drowning my hands in santinizer day and night. Then it was my children that I became panic stricken over. Worrying whether they should be at school or at home and how this would affect their education. Am I a bad parent for sending them to school? Then my husband working in the shipping industry and liaising with foreign ships entering our harbour. The list went on...... 

Then I began to enter the feelings of doom and gloom. My business, how can it survive.  I have worked so hard and how could I continue coaching, offering optimism, support when people’s lives are in jeopardy and businesses are shutting down everywhere. Honestly I felt hopeless, sad, alone and frustrated. It took me days to work myself through this until I realised.... 

We are all in this together

So I took some time to slow down. I sat in our garage area which my husband had turned into a gym and brought myself back down to earth. I can’t change the situation but I can change the way I deal with whatever this situation may be.  I started thinking about how many people out there are feeling the same way. The empaths, the fixers, and the leaders. We all feel like we need to be doing more. 

Sometimes, it’s not about the big things, it’s about the small things. So I decided to change my thinking and in turn show people that yes this situation is crap but out of anything bad there is always good. We can concentrate on our health, get back into exercise, start eating healthier and overall stop and smell the roses!

So here are a few things that have helped me.

Going back to the basics

We all joke about how hard it is to spend every waking moment with our families while we are quarantined at home with spouses and kids, but it is a blessing. Honestly I am so GRATEFUL. We have sat around the dinner table more, we have laughed together more and we have had fun together as a family of 4. This situation has been a massive wake up call for me personally. The past 3 years of building my business and working full-time I have had to jeopardise family time, so now to have unlimited time to be with my family has been amazing. Although the cooking seems never ending and the dishwasher is running continuesly we are experiencing a period in our lives that has taken us all back to the basics. I know my children have said to me how much they love having us home and to me that is everything.

Its's the small things

Working out in our garage with old crappy gym equipment is small activity, but this small daily activity has changed my entire mindset. Having a commitment to myself each morning to be there and to workout with my husband by my side has been beautiful. Being able to workout for free, downloading free apps to use, finding old treasures to use as weights and to even workout in the dark because the garage light is broken! Its just the small things that make all the difference. What is your small thing that can help you feel normal and at peace? Maybe it’s doing an under eye mask. Or maybe it’s having a group video call with your friends to help you stay connected. Maybe it’s walking barefoot. The small things can make all the difference. 

Be Mindful

Right now it can feel like some things just don’t matter. There are so many big things happening that it’s hard to care about being happy, eating right, or sleeping well. But, it’s important to be mindful of yourself in times like these. We can’t control what’s going on out there, but you can control a bit of what’s going on in your own home, and that can be comforting. Be mindful of your mental health even though that seems like a small issue compared to the big ones happening in the world. Spend a few hours away from the news. Write in a gratitude journal. Watch a funny movie. Just be mindful of how you’re feeling so you don’t forget yourself during this time.

I know some days might feel harder than others and some days you may want to pull those covers over your head, but trust me this period we are all experiencing is hopefully one we will never experience again. So please take care of yourself and try and find the positive in each and everyday that we stay at home with the people we love.

Remember – we are all in this together and I am thinking of you.

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