I thought I had to be an Expert....

I’m certainly not the best cook, mum, wife, friend or business coach. I’m not the best Mindset Coach too, but it’s my passion. I’m not the best at a lot of things! I’m definitely not the go-to expert in any of these areas, but guess what? I have a passion and that shines through.

I truly believe so many people have a passion in some area — whether that’s fitness, mindset, psychology, network marketing, crafting, relationships, finances, etc. but are worried about selling something in that area because they aren’t the expert yet. They aren’t the best at that thing. But it’s important to remember you do not need to be an expert in order to sell something!

I remember when I started my first business in network marketing. I was certainly NOT the best in sharing the science behind the product. I had absolutely no prior knowledge on how the product worked, the ingredients and the methodology around the concept BUT I fell in love with the product and that gave me all that I needed to start selling it online.

You see you only need to be a step ahead of someone else. Often the thing that’s really holding you back is Impostor Syndrome.

One step in front of the other

I’m not Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, Rachel Hollis, Mel Robbins, or Brene Brown – although I secretly wish!!!. These ladies are all at the top of their game BUT you have to remember they all started somewhere. I’m not a beginner either. I have a unique perspective that can help people who are a few steps behind me. I have to remember that just because I’m not an expert, or just because I’m not the very best, doesn’t mean I can’t help someone with my own unique perspective.

The same is true for you, too! Maybe you have a certain way of teaching that is easier for people to understand, or you can reach more people because you’re more relatable. Your own perspective and experience can teach someone in a way that others can’t, no matter how much further they may be than you in any given field.

You do not need to be an expert, you just have to be one step ahead of someone else.

Let’s talk Impostor Syndrome

Feeling like you’re not good enough, not far enough ahead, or not better at something is often impostor syndrome rearing its ugly head. Impostor syndrome is the feeling that you don’t belong. That you’re just pretending to be in fitness, business, cooking, self-help, etc. and someday everyone is going to figure out that you don’t’ belong. It’s self-doubt that makes you feel like a fraud. The feeling that everyone else has it figured out, but you don’t.

Feeling like you’re not an expert, or not worthy to help people is often linked to impostor syndrome. Talking yourself through impostor syndrome involves telling yourself you’re not a fraud and you do deserve to be in this space, even if you don’t believe it yet. It’s about understanding that you have an absolutely unique perspective that no one else has, no matter how new you are in the arena.

Imposture Syndrome literally stopped me for more than a decade fulfilling a passion, my career. It stopped me from being the person I am today and now looking back I only wished I had of seek helped from a Coach earlier to realise it was all in my head. I was the one stopping myself from being the person I wanted to be!

You don’t need to be an expert in any given field in order to sell something that can help others.

You only have to be one step ahead of a beginner.

You only have to be yourself.

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