How to Manage the Winter Slump

It never fails, every single year I seem to experience a slump in the winter. A slump in my business productivity and in my everyday routine. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of the cold weather so I find myself in procrastination mode.

It can feel really disheartening and overwhelming and I always feel like I’m playing catch up, which can leave me avoiding my goals altogether. That’s the vicious cycle of setting unrealistic goals for yourself time and time again.

Are you feeling a slump? Are you feeling like you’re falling behind on your goals? Well, let me tell you, you’re not alone! Let’s talk about why the winter slump happens, the importance of flexibility, and why making realistic goals will always get you further than setting unattainable ones time and time again.

Why the Winter Slump?

For me it’s the cold weather and school holidays!!! I run my business from home, so I usually have a fair amount of time during the day to work, workout, clean and run errands, etc. I try really hard not to work when my kids are home and especially on school holidays. But our schedule gets all mixed around during the winter months. This causes a slump for me.

Another big thing about the winter is that there are more opportunities for family holidays, activities, and social time. So, all the time you thought you had to work on your business or to reach your goals goes out the window with each camping trip, play date, or event! Does this sound sort of like your winter?

Acceptance and Flexibility

The main thing to keep in mind when managing this slump is to accept that this is a reality for you, and to work on being flexible. Instead of being surprised by this slump every year, plan for it. Keep your responsibilities low, allow yourself to get fewer things done during this time of year without feeling guilty, and put systems in place to help you reach your goals.

The systems you can put in place are things like scheduling posts on social media for your business, meal planning to stay on track with your health goals, or doing a morning run or walk since you can do that anywhere even if you’re traveling. The most important thing to remember is that it’s okay to have a slump. It’s best to accept it so you don’t spend the whole winter especially the school holidays feeling guilty for not doing more. It’s okay and normal to have flows of productivity.

The Importance of Making Realistic Goals

If you’re experiencing a winter slump, it’s important not to stretch yourself too thin or make goals you know you won’t be able to achieve. For instance, if you’re starting a business, maybe don’t plan a big launch when you know you won’t have a lot of time to be on your computer. If you’re trying to stay healthy, don’t try a new workout or diet program when you know you’ll be travelling a lot and unable to meal prep or get an exercise in.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have goals during the winter, just make sure they are attainable! Try to work on your business twice a week. Try to meal prep on weekdays. Don’t force yourself to workout everyday on holidays.

It’s important to make small, realistic goals because reaching those goals will give you the momentum to keep making progress. Setting goals you can’t achieve will only defer you from trying at all.

Managing a winter slump is all about taking it all in instead of fighting it!

Know why this happens, prepare for it, and lean into it. Learn to accept these ebbs and flows of productivity and make realistic goals during this time.

Most importantly, be kind to yourself.

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