How to Create Your Own Dazzling Digital Product

Do you have the feeling inside you like you were meant for more? Do you feel like you have more to offer the world than what you’re doing? Do you long for finding passion in your work? Do you want. to help people with your own unique talents and knowledge?

Maybe you have kids and you just want to be able to make money from home without selling someone else’s products. Maybe you would love to sell something but can’t store items, deliver them, or ship them each week.

I’ve felt each and every one of these things, and it’s why I started creating digital products.

Maybe you’ve been interested in online business or digital products but have no idea how to even start on that journey. Or you aren’t techy. Or you have no idea what you’d even sell…

Maybe you’ve experienced failure and criticism in the past and you are afraid to try something new and put yourself out there.

You are not alone!

All I knew was that I was meant for more. I wanted to help people, and I wanted to be home with my kids. I knew I had something inside me. I just didn’t know how to find it yet.

This led me to create my own dazzling digital products that have helped me create a successful online business!

What is a Digital Product?

What is a digital product anyway?

A digital product is a product that exists in digital form instead of a physical form. Think eBooks, podcasts, webinars, an online course, an online challenge, or membership sites. They can even be downloadable goods like audio files, digital art, cards, sewing patterns, or stationary.

I’m not so creative, so I stick to the eBooks, courses, webinars, challenges, and membership sites! But each one would qualify as a digital product.

Here are some perks to creating an online product:

  • Cost. Digital products are created once. (Though you may update them continually). You don’t have to print anything or ship it or create a physical form. The overhead cost is so low with digital products!

  • Access. More people can access a digital product because it’s available online any time! No worries about places you can’t afford to ship to, no business hours, and more people you can help with your product.

  • Freedom. Your product is already created, so you just have to automate the delivery via email, and you’re done! That means more freedom for you.

Not all digital products are created equal. Some do require more cost or more continual updates. But they really are more cost effective, provide a bigger umbrella of access, and give you more freedom than the average physical product. Manufacturing costs with a physical book or item is high, and having to store items or hire a shipping facility is costly and difficult to manage.

Not only that, but digital is the way of the future! It’s a booming industry with more and more companies offering digital products, downloads, and options.

That’s why I love them so much!

How to Create Your Own

I have a handful of products such as Challenges, Membership site and my Online course insider the AmbitiousMums Business Academy, but you don’t need this many right now! All you need is one.

Here’s what you need:

  • Find your superpower: For me, it’s connecting to others. I’m good at being real and vulnerable and I truly love being able to connect with other people. Yours might be writing, teaching, helping people, self preservation, strength, humor, organization, etc. This superpower can help you find where your true passions are!

  • Narrow down your niche: My superpower is connection, but my niches have been health, exercise, mindset, and coaching. Your niche can be gardening, crafting, self help, healthy eating, party planning, connecting with kids, etc. The options are endless!

  • Decide on a type of product: This is where you decide on an eBook, membership site, challenge, etc. If you love writing, an eBook is great. If you do best on video, membership sites might be best for you. If you enjoy social media, a challenge may work best. Or you can start with one now and try all of them later!

Three Common Misconceptions

I’ve truly heard it all. People tell me they don’t have the time. They don’t have a good idea. They tell me they aren’t special, or they aren’t an expert in anything. They tell me they don’t get technology. They tell me they don’t have any followers on social media, or they don’t know who would buy from them.

They tell me they can’t do it, or they are afraid to fail, or they don’t have it in them. Those things hurt the most to hear! There are so many misconceptions when it comes to creating your own product.

But just know if I can do it, anyone can!

Here are three common misconceptions I hear about digital products:

  1. You need to be an expert. I am not a doctor, a chef, or the best personal trainer. I don’t have a degree in business or internet marketing. But I was one step ahead of the others. You don’t have to be an expert in something to help others with it. All you have to do is be one step ahead of someone else.

  2. You need to know technology. I am SO not techy! I’m literally still learning technology and mess up with it all the time! The things I teach are as simple as they can be for a beginner. It’s all about learning the systems and tips from others who have done it before.

  3. You need a big following. You don’t. There are so many avenues on how to sell your digital product in our AmbitiousMums Business Academy. Seriously I still don’t have a huge following and still made a lucrative income!

There are so many more I hear, but these are the big ones. The truth is that everyone thinks they can’t do something great in the beginning. But you have to take the risk and try to find out. You have to be willing to be not-so-great at first in order to get better. You have to be willing to put yourself out there.

My Top Tips

Creating your own dazzling digital product is just the beginning! I can’t explain how fulfilling it is to put yourself into something instead of selling someone else’s product. And while there’s a lot of work upfront in creating it, it exists forever after that! No printing or creating or manufacturing.

The first digital product was a paid Online Challenge! I absolutely love Challenges. They are interactive, fun and a great way to build trust with your attendees. My very first Challenge I charged $19 and had 25 ladies sign up and went on to sell my 6 week Private 1on1 Coaching program and made 5k in sales. Not bad for 7 days work!

My top tips for creating your own digital products are:

  1. Learn how to use your story. Mums can easily sign up to any challenge or course but the reason people relate to me is….. The story behind it. MY story that so many other Mums out there can relate to. When creating your product, think about your sto