Do you really know what you want to be at 16?

This week took my parenting of a teenage son into a whole new direction.  Not because I found his uneaten sandwich in our bin (if you don’t follow me on social let’s just say my sandwich-making sucked apparently!!) but because our eldest child has entered Year 11 and that means SUBJECT SECTIONS

For some parents, you may have been in my shoes and have a whole lot of experience, or for others, you may have little ones and haven’t faced this stage of parenting. But for my husband and me, it’s a whole new ball game.

In my day it felt simple, but as my children keep referring to my childhood as the “olden days”, maybe it wasn’t? There certainly wasn’t the diversity of subjects that are available today and there weren’t different ways of entering University or tertiary facilities. You simply sat your end of year 12 examinations called TEE (I am showing my age!!) and that was your entry score into your chosen tertiary path. 

This week my son was feeling overwhelmed, confused and horribly anxious around some of his subjects he had selected for years 11 and 12. My first thought was “it’s only been a few weeks Cole give yourself a chance”, then my second reaction was “let’s get some advice from the school” ooh and my third sneaky reaction was “we just bought all your books and it cost an arm and leg and now you want to change subjects”. But, I could see the worry in his eyes. I could see this once little boy of mine havi