Are you running your own race?


One of my early morning pleasures whilst attending my very first self-development retreat in Bali was hitting the sand for my daily workout.

Exercise has always been a very important part of my day and something that my husband and I have always been extremely passionate about or should I say competitive about. That’s for a whole other story, but I was basically on an experience of a lifetime. An opportunity that came into my life at that exact time when every star aligned; I mean EVERY. From family, to work, to my husband even insisting I go. Ooh yes I will confess I did have one very small thought. Does he have a surf trip up his sleeve so this gives him a free pass? But no his genuine concern for my wellbeing and my passion was well and truly at heart.

When the sun rose each morning so did my inner alarm clock. My sub conscious kept reminding me I had no deadlines. Youcan sleep in, keep up with world affairs on TV andenjoy a cappuccino in peace. What a treat.

For once in my life there were no restrictions, no demands but my body was re-energised and I had a burning desire to hit the beach. I didn’t want to sleep in and I didn’t want to waste a minute. I was running!

I’ve always loved to run ever since our daughter was 12 months old. I had some baby weight hanging around, you know that second baby and it’s not coming off fast enough or at all. I found myself enjoying the outdoors and pushing the double stroller. Over time the walk turned into a run and now 16 years later I am still going. I’ve achieved some milestones such as 10, 12 and 24km half marathons but never quite hit the full marathon. I’m certain one day that goal will be achieved.

When I took this picture half way through my run on the retreat, it was one of the veryfew occasions that I had stopped myself. For avid runnersstopping is not an option unless you are basically dying. I moved myself off the pavement onto the sand, took a massive deep breath and embraced my surroundings. In all honesty, I had been battling a million thoughts in my head since attending the retreat. My heart was racing, my legs were shaking and I knew it was time to address the anxiety.

You see part of my business had placed me into a world of comparison. Comparison of how others were succeeding against my success in business. After working 25 years in a corporate environment being compared had never really been a thought whilst going about my day. But now as a business owner in a network marketing industry which is predominantly ran through social media I was in a world of comparison. Comparison is a word that although we hate to admit seems to affect most of us at some point in our lives.

Unfortunately, comparison had been consuming my life. A hidden pressure which constantly gained momentum each day. The more I battled against it the more profound the feeling. Why was I worrying what others were thinking or doing? why can’t I block this out? why am I placing so much pressure on myself? Ultimately, I was worrying how I perceive myself against other Mothers and against other business owners.

It is so easy to look at others and wish for what you perceive they may have. I had to stop this torture and finally I had the strength to address it. My race is being run, just in my time.

Life as a Mum and an Entrepreneur is challenging, like most businesses. Celebrating the accomplishments are exhilarating and the joy I feel when I am helping others to succeed is truly the best!!!!!. But I have now learnt one of the most fundamental aspects of owning a business is to embrace ALL of the journey. Yes all. Accept there will be highs and there will be lows. Comparing one’s journey against another person’s journey will only be to the determent of your business. Sad but so very true. Trust me I have done it and looking back now what a waste of time.

If comparison has been something you have felt or struggled with in your business or even in life, you are not alone. It’s a trait many will not openly discuss however I don’t believe there would be a single person on this earth who hasn’t compared themselves at some point in their life. The most important fact to remember is that it’s always our own perception on what the comparison may be. Ultimately, the fact that your running some kind of race is all that matters.

Remember your dreams, your goals are YOUR priority and no matter how hard the times maybe you will always achieve success when you stay in your own lane.

I’ve always kept a beautiful saying a friend sent to me at a time I was feeling disappeared and it has remained in my thoughts, “Thechampagne tastes the same at the end no matter how long it takes for you to get there”. So true, so never give up on that dream or that goal because you will get there. It’s just a matter of time.

Your greatest supporter

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