5 Things you can do to become a better version of You

My feet were planted firmly into the sand, the waves crashing over my toes, the breeze blowing my hair and I truly felt a massive surge of “calmness” fill my entire body. I was at my “happy place” the Beach.

It was a beautiful afternoon, the sea breeze was in and the air was colder than normal for a summers day. I felt immense joy and I could even feel a smile cross my face. Sounds silly, but I felt free and I could feel my mood levels rising, my attitude improving, my inner self perked up. I felt happy and thankful for this place.

The past few months I have been feeling overwhelmed. My inner self, motivation, and inspiration was dwindling, and I knew I needed a recharge. For me, the place that recharges me is the beach. It’s my "happy place" and although I can’t always get there, I have over time found other tactics that bring a sense of calmness and freedom. Yours may be different than mine, but here’s what works for me.


When I first heard about using a gratitude journal, I kind of rolled my eyes. I thought it was sort of silly, and that I’d never keep up with doing something like that. Also, can’t you just think about what you’re grateful for? Why do you have to write it down? I should have known, since I’m a “pen and paper” kind of girl, that the act of writing it down does have some power to it. If you’re looking for a way to be a better you, or to be more positive, you might try a gratitude journal. When it comes to mindset, it can be a great practice to write down something you’re thankful for each day. If you’re like me, some days you’ll want to write way too many things, and that’s a really beautiful feeling. Also, it’s quick, so it won’t feel like such a cumbersome assignment each day. 


Looking at a vase filled with pretty flowers always picks me up. I began buying them for myself or picking the roses from my garden and putting them in a vase. If you want flowers, go buy them! You deserve something little that makes you happy, and you don’t have to wait for someone else to do it for you. Walking by them, smelling them, and seeing them light up my kitchen provides me with a mood boost, and buying them for myself makes me feel a small sense of independence and empowerment over my own happiness. If you want a little pick-me-up, try buying yourself a pretty bouquet of flowers!  


Sometimes my mind is a little too active to meditate, but I’ve found that there are a ton of different ways to meditate. Finding the right options for me has helped me to be a better version of myself in terms of self-care and slowing down. It doesn’t have to be every day, but try to make time for 5 or even 10 minutes of meditation. This can mean sitting down with a cup of hot coffee without your phone, taking a walk by yourself, going into your garden, writing in your journal, or even stretching before a workout. The key is for you to spend that time alone, and for you to be unplugged and present.


In all honestly, I have never been a big foodie. Although my Mum is a lovely cook and my daughter is amazing in the kitchen my passion has never been cooking. I do however feel a great sense of joy when family or a friend makes a meal that I absolutely LOVE.

When my daughter asks me what I feel like and makes a meal just for my taste buds, it truly fills my heart with gratitude. To me that is an incredible feeling and something I truly treasure. When someone makes a meal, takes the time to prepare all the ingredients just for me, it is a gift. So the next time someone asks you what you would like to eat and would like to prepare something special just for you, remember the blessing of being thought of.

Sometimes life just gets a little overwhelming. Whether I’m stressed, sad, overworked, or overwhelmed, each of these things help me to be better. Taking care of yourself should always be a top priority, and it doesn’t mean you’re selfish by doing so. You are the only person who can give yourself a happy life, and here are a few small ways to help you in doing that.

Do you have things you do that help you be a better version of yourself? I’d love for you to share?

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